We enjoy taking care of the technology in your home

Whether it’s setting up your new Smart TV or thermostat, or upgrading an old computer, we can help.
These are some of the services we offer
  • Optimize the performance of your computer
  • Clean your computer of viruses and malware and set up protection against future attacks
  • Backup the important files on your computer – locally or in the Cloud, in case disaster strikes
  • Set up your printers and scanners
  • Set up your home network including WiFi
  • Fix program error messages
  • Move your programs and files to a new computer
  • Set up phones and tablets (iPhone/Android)
  • Set up Smart Home devices
  • Assist with organizing your photos and videos
  • We work with Windows/Mac/Linux
Call us if you need assistance with other devices and we’ll do our best to help
Most of our clients use us hourly, although we do work with project based and monthly pricing too, call us if you are interested in that.

Residential Support


  • Minimum Onsite support charge is 1-hour with additional time billed in 15-minute increments
    plus a travel fee (see next tab)
  • Minimum Remote support charge is 15 minutes with additional time billed in 15-minute increments
Although much of our support is provided remotely, sometimes it’s easier to be onsite…or just more practical to  get access to your device.
Our travel fees are based on the distance of your location from our office. The map on the right shows the Travel Fee that we charge per onsite visit (Click on the map for a larger image).
If you are unsure about your Travel Fee, please call us and we can look it up for you.

We are open for business from 7:30a until 6:00p (CST) – Monday through Friday.

Call us
You can always call us at 847.738.0249 to discuss your technology needs. If we don’t answer we usually return calls within an hour (during business hours)

Send a message
If you would rather not call, or the matter is less urgent you can send a message to us using this form.

If it’s after hours, on a weekend, or maybe a holiday and you can’t wait until the next business day you can leave a message on our emergency line (higher support rates will apply) – 847.960.5580 – One of our technicians will call you back right away.